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How crowdfunding in India is making farmer’s dreams come true!

Drought hit village builds an 8km water canal thanks to crowdfunding! 

The Marathwada region of Maharashtra has been at the epicentre of a horrific drought that has lasted for three years. Over 3000 farmers have committed suicide. This is a story about the villagers in one such village – a village called HORTI with 700 farmers & how they used crowdfunding on Fueladream to successfully build a water canal to survive.

A NGO called Suryoday approached Fueladream to help these farmers. We rolled out a campaign in English & Hindi languages. We advertised this on social media, to our existing funders and got newspapers and online websites to write about this. It came as a surprise to many that crowdfunding in India could also work in situations like this. The funds were raised in a record 10 days & reaffirmed that crowdfunding in India had come of age

canal-empty    canal-full
PIC: The canal being constructed and filled to the brim thanks to crowdfunding!

Read the whole story of these farmers and their canal!


The media wrote about how crowdfunding in India is coming of age & how Fueladream is making a positive impact on developmental issues.

Featured in…

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