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Crowdfunding in India is bringing light back into people’s lives!

A 17-year old restored the eyesight of 150 blind & poor people through crowdfunding!

Sathvik Reddy, a 17-year-old student from Hyderabad, did a stint with a NGO, that made him realise that all it took was INR 2000 (USD 30) to rectify a person’s eyesight in certain cases. He decided to first restore the eyesight of 100 poor women who lived in villages around the city of Hyderabad as a summer project.

With some help from his dad he partnered with a reputed NGO called Operation Eyesight, that does these eye surgeries. He believed crowdfunding in India would work & decided to do this through The campaign raced to its goal & promoted him to do a second one on Fueladream. Support from his friends and family, massive PR thanks to Fueladream coupled with social media presence resulted in funds pouring in. Over the course of two campaigns, he raised over INR 3.5L and has helped restore the eyesight of over 150 disadvantaged people in Rural Telangana. Crowdfunding in India works!

Crowdfunding in India by Fueladream


Read all about Operation Eyesight I and Operation Eyesight II

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