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A crowdfunded innovation that helps the blind identify currency notes

Can you imagine a device that fits in your pocket, cost INR 2 (USD 3 cents) and ensures that a blind person is never cheated out of money again? This is the power of crowdfunding!

The blind are continually cheated out of money. Since the braille markings on notes are practically of little use, blind people are at the mercy of the person that’s conducting the transaction for them and in most cases this is taken advantage of. The plight of the blind was brought to the notice of Paul D’Souza, a Bangalore based inventor. This led to him making the ‘Tiffy Template’, a pocket device that makes it possible to decipher the exact denomination of the currency note in seconds.

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Paul used to make one device whenever people asked him for it. When he approached crowdfunding, it used to cost him approximately INR 20 to make one device. We encouraged him to make more devices for distribution. When made in bulk, he realised that the cost per piece came down to as little as INR 2. Through this crowdfunding campaign, he made over 2 Lakh Tiffy Templates that are currently being distributed for free across India to aid the blind. This device is demonetisation proof as well!


Read the story behind Tiffy’s Template!

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