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Crowdfunding is now publishing books in India!

How one photographer’s life’s work saw the light of day through crowdfunding!


Viren Desai, a well-known photographer spent 25 years following the lives of 22 classical music maestros. He captured their intimate moments, personal lives, collected anecdotes and put it all into a beautiful coffee-table book. Filled with stark, compelling, never before seen images of these legends of music all rolled into one amazing body of work.

However, Viren had difficulties getting this book to print and was languishing along with this treasure trove of a book. It was in this predicament that Fueladream discovered Viren and his book. It seemed like a no-brainer that crowdfunding was the way to go. The Music Maestros campaign was one of the campaigns that Fueladream launched with in April. Not only did the first campaign cross its goal. Viren came back and did 2 additional campaigns with us raising over INR 17 lahks and having over 500 books pre-ordered.


Fueladream ran extensive advertising campaigns on social media for the book, including a series of Instagram posts that gave the campaign enormous traction. This also helped us attract the media who ran with the story in publications like Huffington Post.

Read all about Edition I and Edition II

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