The best crowdfunding site online in India is Fueladream

Crowdfunding changed this OLA drivers life for the better!

A winning equation for a family: a cab ride, a good samaritan & crowdfunding!

On 6th November, 2016, Rahul Mahajan booked an Ola Cab to take him from his parent’s house in Chandigarh to the airport, the driver was busy on a call. Mahajan realised that he was caught up in a heated argument. The moment the call was over, the driver sat in silence till he turned around and asked ‘Sir help me sell my kidney!” Shocked by the turn of events, they had a long conversation, during which Mahajan learned that the only way to help Lahkvinder was to help him with INR 2L so that he could buy the car he was currently driving, keep all the earnings and invest in his son to watch him join the Indian army.

Rahul turned to Fueladream to raise funds to help Lakhvinder buy the car. This campaign achieved its goal. We ran an extensive P.R campaign around it, which resulted in Ola Cabs themselves sharing the story. Additionally, this campaign also saw a lot of contributions through social media advertising.


Lakhvinder’s Amazing story

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