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How crowdfunding fuelled this innovative electric bike in India

Indian innovations like the SPERO electric bike are seeing the light of day through crowdfunding!

Manikandan the brains behind the SPERO eBike spent years developing an eco-friendly, affordable product to impact the green energy vehicle market. However, once the development had been completed and a prototype was ready, he realised that he lacked the capital to actually launch the product into the market.

It is at this point that Manikandan, who had heard of crowdfunding approached Fueladream with his electric bike, SPERO. This product was an absolute necessity in a place like India, with the population both in terms of people and vehicles. Fueladream were thrilled with this product, it’s design, engineering and style!

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Save on fuel, cut carbon footprint with this electric bike that was crowdfunded on

The SPERO eBike campaign was run on, not once or twice, but three times! It raised over INR 65L and has stamped its authority as India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly Bike! The fact that India gives to charities was a well-known and documented fact, but the fact that an India audience is so welcoming of a product that hasn’t yet been seen in the market has assured us that that crowdfunding in India had come of age.

Realising the potential of this eBike, were a 100% committed to this product. Press conferences across India assured that the SPERO got the publicity it deserved. Media houses and bloggers alike picked up on this amazing story. This coupled with aggressive social media advertising made sure that this campaign picked up like wildfire!

Read all about SPERO 1 and SPERO 2!

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The list really is non-exhaustive! Which goes to show the impressive strides that India is making both in terms of crowdfunding and towards alternate energy sources!

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