Crowdfunding, 120 tyres & 700 books builds an interactive library for underprivileged kids!

A trio of young, Bangalore based social entrepreneurs, Anthill Creation, Mantra4Change and StoryTime came together and used crowdfunding to build a library for underprivileged kids!

This fun and interactive library was built for the Florida School in Goripalya, Bangalore, with old tyres and even the little children stepped in to help. What a splendid way to teach the next generation the responsibility of reusing!

This library will change the lives of over 850 children. The crowdfunding campaign on fueladream raised over INR 72,000/-. For as little as INR 85/- each, these kids have a chance to rediscover one of the real joys of education and growing up. Real lessons of life are not learnt in a classroom by reading textbooks alone, but by experiencing life first-hand. This also helps expand their horizons beyond the four walls of school. An active learning centre like this library will pique these kids’ interest in learning. Fuel their imagination, make them more interested in completing their education and help give them a more wholesome learning experience!

Have a look at this amazing library and all the work that went into it!

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